Super Sour Diesel


Super Sour Diesel is an incredibly euphoric strain that originated from Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. It is well known for its fuel-like aroma and strong cerebral effects that help to reduce pain and stress. This sativa will deliver a euphoric, sociable high that is perfect for getting creative. Super Sour Diesel is recommended for experienced users because of its quick and potent effects. If you’re looking for a creative, invigorating high that you can socialize during, then Super Sour Diesel is a fantastic choice.



Euphoric 55%
Happy 53%
Uplifted 50%
Energetic 45%
Creative 44%

Helps With

Stress 37%
Anxiety 25%
Pain 21%
Depression 25%
Fatigue 14%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 31%
Dry Eyes 18%
Dizzy 7%
Paranoid 7%
Anxious 5%

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