Amnesia is a sativa dominant strain that is a great choice if you are looking to be creative, and fee uplifted/euphoric. Great for stress relief, depression and pain relief, Amnesia is a strain that will give you a cerebral high that allows you to really zone out and relax. This sativa is best used during the daytime to help get things done and to feel more talkative. With a high THC and low CBD profile, so new users should be aware that you may experience higher than normal psychotropic effects with this bud. Note the name, amnesia, because this strain will hit you hard if you smoke to much, and you may find yourself losing your train of though and all the interesting ideas you just had a second ago…



Euphoric 50%
Happy 63%
Uplifted 45%
Relaxed 57%
Energetic 40%

Helps With

Stress 25%
Anxiety 15%
Pain 16%
Depression 22%
Fatigue 9%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 37%
Dry Eyes 19%
Dizzy 10%
Paranoid 11%
Anxious 10%

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