This high THC content bud will have you melting into your couch. Effects hit fast and strong with this strain. You will feel relaxed, lazy and euphoric. Downsides are that you may have dry mouth and eyes. Recommended for nighttime use. This strain is great for insomniacs as it will put you into a deep sleep. Also, a great option for those suffering from chronic pain or who are looking to increase their appetite.



Euphoric 42%
Happy 49%
Uplifted 29%
Relaxed 69%
Sleepy 47%

Helps With

Stress 36%
Anxiety 31%
Pain 41%
Depression 25%
Insomnia 30%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 30%
Dry Eyes 17%
Dizzy 7%
Paranoid 5%
Anxious 4%

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