Sensi Star


This Award-winning and legendary Indica strain is a robust hybrid (approximately 65% Indica) recommended for those with a high tolerance. Some users may find that with Sensi Star, one hit is all you need. It is a potent Indica. The cerebral hit comes quickly, creating euphoric and uplifted feelings before changing to its strong body high effects that will relax your muscles and alleviate pain. You will begin to feel the sedating effects as your laziness and sleepiness increase, and Sensi Star is also known for its typical side effects of dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, and dizziness. Best used at the end of the day, Sensi Start is an excellent choice for those who are stressed, have anxiety, depression, and those looking to manage pain. Best used at night, this strain will help you fall into a deep sleep and stay asleep. Sensi Star is highly recommended for after work and evening use and is best enjoyed at home, to chill out, and to feel calm.



Euphoric 46%
Happy 49%
Uplifted 34%
Relaxed 65%
Sleepy 43%

Helps With

Stress 41%
Anxiety 36%
Pain 38%
Depression 24%
Insomnia 29%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 34%
Dry Eyes 20%
Dizzy 10%
Paranoid 7%
Headache 4%

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