Northern Lights


Northern Lights has become a cherished and famous Afghani strain is prized for its fast flowering, resilience to grow, and resinous buds. Northern Lights is seem to many as the main Indica amongst the Indica’s. Northern Lights has earthy undertones and a pine aroma. The taste and aroma are unique and refreshing. Choose Northern Lights to help with conditions such as pain depression and stress.



Euphoric 51%
Happy 52%
Uplifted 32%
Relaxed 65%
Sleepy 43%

Helps With

Stress 41%
Anxiety 30%
Pain 31%
Depression 24%
Insomnia 28%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 33%
Dry Eyes 17%
Dizzy 8%
Paranoid 5%
Headache 3%

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