Death Star


Death Star is a popular and potent Indica that is known for its euphoric effects. It is a combination of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, giving this Indica an incredibly strong aroma of fuel and sweet skunk. This strain’s scent is definitely not discreet, but it does deliver a very relaxed high. It can take a while for the euphoric and relaxed effects of Death Star to kick in – and its worth the wait! If you’re looking for a flexible Indica that can be used both at night and during the day, then Death Star is the one for you.



Euphoric 55%
Happy 52%
Uplifted 47%
Relaxed 71%
Creative 35%

Helps With

Stress 37%
Anxiety 29%
Pain 26%
Depression 25%
Insomnia 14%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 32%
Dry Eyes 21%
Dizzy 10%
Paranoid 10%
Anxious 5%

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