This 90% Indica, with 10% Sativa, and is a cross bread from Afghan and Northern Lights. If you are looking to calm yourself, this strain creates full body relaxation, almost like sedation. This strain is great to use in the evening due to its help with treating insomnia and pain. If you enjoy hash this is the strain for you, the potent taste can be a bit much for new users, and is truly an acquired taste.



Euphoric 32%
Happy 42%
Hungry 26%
Relaxed 100%
Sleepy 53%

Helps With

Stress 41%
Anxiety 26%
Pain 38%
Depression 30%
Insomnia 34%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 14%
Dry Eyes 5%
Dizzy 1%
Paranoid 4%
Anxious 2%

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