Afghan Kush


With origins found near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Afghan Kush is a centuries old, incredibly strong concoction of perfection. This Indica’s roots have been traced back to the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is well known for its relationship with hash, including charas hash and black Afghani hash. Afghan Kush is a powerful Indica with heavy resin content. Its large, blunt-topped nuggets deliver heavy sedating effects. If you are wanting to unwind after a busy day, then Afghan Kush is a great choice.



Euphoric 43%
Happy 46%
Hungry 43%
Relaxed 52%
Sleepy 48%

Helps With

Stress 40%
Anxiety 32%
Pain 33%
Depression 21%
Insomnia 29%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 46%
Dry Eyes 30%
Dizzy 12%
Paranoid 9%
Headache 6%

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