Sugar Cookie


Another tasty and sought after Indica-Dominant Hybrid is the Sugar Cookie. It has aromatic flavours ranging from berries to brown sugar and is a three-way cross between Sensi Star, Blue Hawaiian, and Crystal Gayle. Thought this strain has initial, energizing qualities that are great for depression, if you are looking to feel relaxed, happy and sleepy, this is the strain for you. The relaxation your body and muscles will feel from this strain is inevitable, almost ensuring a night of deep sleep. This strain is perfect for users suffering from lack of sleep due to conditions such as insomnia and depression. Preferably an evening bud, Sugar Cookie, is recommended for those looking to unwind and chill out after a long day. New users be warned, it may not hit immediately, but this is a potent strain, so take it slow to start. Enjoy the fruity sweetness of this lovely strain the next time you are looking to unwind.



Euphoric 37%
Happy 50%
Uplifted 34%
Relaxed 70%
Sleepy 39%

Helps With

Stress 23%
Pain 26%
Anxiety 21%
Depression 18%
Insomnia 14%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 13%
Dry Eyes 10%
Dizzy 4%
Headache 1%
Anxious 1%

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