Birthday cake

aka Birthday Cake Kush


Birthday Cake, or Wedding Cake, is a delicious, Indica-dominant Hybrid that received its name due to its sweet, cake-like flavour. If you are looking for a hybrid that gives you a full-body high, this is the choice for you. This Hybrid is sweet and delicious with a flavour profile reminiscent of vanilla cake with a nutty undertone. Birthday Cake originates from its parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, ensuring that it has excellent taste! Not only does it taste great, but this strain looks impressive too! With deep green buds, purple hues, and a coat of perfect trichomes on the bud, Birthday Cake is a great all-around choice. This Hybrid is ideal for a relaxing night in while you watch a cheesy movie. Best to watch a comedy with this one, as Birthday Cake usually creates a euphoric and giggly state of mind that often leads to laughter. Know your tolerance limits before going too hard on the Cake. This strain has been known to increase anxiousness and dizziness if you aren’t used to the potency. Otherwise, enjoy Birthday Cake to soothe your body and unwind at the end of a long day.



Euphoric 42%
Happy 51%
Uplifted 31%
Relaxed 65%
Sleepy 23%

Helps With

Stress 28%
Anxiety 24%
Pain 19%
Depression 20%
Insomnia 14%

Side Effects

Dry mouth 18%
Dry Eyes 10%
Dizzy 5%
Paranoid 5%
Anxious 4%

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