Indica vs Sativa

What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa Plants?

Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis provides a great way to relax and unwind, enjoy your evening with friends, or treat medical conditions, the range off effects depends on the two major types of cannabis plants, Indica and Sativa. When deciding which strain of cannabis is best for you, we need to look into Indica and Sativa a little more closely to see what benefits you are looking for and the best strain to get you high.

indica vs sativa

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are two vastly different species of cannabis plant, in both their looks and their effects. 

Cannabis Indica is known for its shot, bushy build and dark green, wide leaves. Researchers believe that Indica originated near Afghanistan. Indica plants grow much faster than Sativa, and usually produce a higher crop yield. Indica plants also produce a higher CBD and CBDA content and a lower THC and THCA count, making this plant more sedating. Indica’s calming, body high qualities have been used in medical applications such as: stress relief, anxiety reduction, muscle relaxation, increased appetite, decreased nausea, to help sleep and more!

Cannabis sativa is native to portions of Central America, Africa, and certain areas in Asia and is known for its tall, thin stature and narrow, light green leaves. The Sativa strain requires more light to grow, and take much longer to mature and produce crop. Sativa plants produce a higher THC and THCA, with a lower CBD and CBDA count. Sativa is known to cause a more energetic, mental high experience. Sativa’s head high qualities have been used in medical applications for conditions like: anxiety, anti-depressant, chronic pain, to increase focus and creativity, to increase serotonin and more!

Deciding what is best

Finding a true Indica and Sativa in the modern world of Cannabis can be difficult due to emergence of hybrids. With decades of crossbreeding, countless strains of hybrids emerged in an attempt to create the best possible plants for specific ailments and desired effects. You are more likely to find a Plant that is more Indica or Sativa dominant, than fully Indica or Sativa. The strain that is best for you will come down to what you are looking to get out of your cannabis experience? Are you looking to help with an ailment or simply enjoy yourself? The correct strain for your needs comes down to you.


Make sure you investigate the strain before you purchase. Here at Weed 2 Order Online, we want to educate you on your choice of Cannabis, while providing correct information and educating.  The choice is yours, chill on the couch with Indica, or feel productive with Sativa. For any additional questions, please email: